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Revival Fires Podcasts Trevor Baker
"Understanding the Times and Seasons: The Hour Has Come"
Fri 11 April 2014 (50MB MP3)


Sharon Baker
"Mother's Day Message: God Sees You"
Sun 30 March 2014 (32MB MP3)


Trevor Baker
"Turning Tables: Godly Alliances that Demolish Demonic Strategies"
Sun 23 March 2014 (37MB MP3)


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Network Leaders Day...

Network Leaders Day

INCLUDING Open Evening Meeting with Derek Morphew!

Derek Morphew is one of the Vineyard’s most respected and eminent theologians.  He has published two books, “South Africa: the Powers Behind” and “Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom”. His message on and understanding of the Kingdom is Life changing! Come join us on Wed 30 April.

The Kingdom of God and the Mission and Mandate of Jesus!




ADAR - March 2014

These Are Days of Completion! These are days to prepare for increased revelation, and it is a time that the Lord is searching our hearts and minds. The Lord is saying, "Your heart is the wellspring of life; it will either bubble up with fresh waters of revelation or spill out bitter waters of judgement. It is the sweet waters of revelation that...

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Passover Celebration

Understand the times and seasons by aligning yourself with God's appointed time to meet with you!

We have updated our streaming feature! Now watch all our previous meetings in our on-demand library!

Watch Previous Meetings at Revival Fires


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