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The School of Supernatural Living Application Pastors Reference ESL 2014

Please note that Revival Fires is now running an Internship Ministry Placement Programme (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS) and ESL is not in session for 2015.

Equipped for Supernatural Living - Apostolic School

The world of today needs authentic, Godly leadership; men and women who will step up to the plate and be the leader God has called them to be in their assignment in one of the seven mountains of society. Our mandate for the school is to train up a generation equipped to live in the supernatural, whose passion is to see God’s Kingdom come into every area of society, and who know their message and mission. If you are stirred by this challenge, then Equipped for Supernatural Living is for you!

Trevor & Sharon Baker,
Founders & Leaders


ESL: Who is it for?

Every believer has been called to full-time ministry. This ministry is not just for the ordained ministers who work at a church; but for all of us. The Lord is sending you out into your sphere of influence; your home, your school, your office, your work place, to bring His kingdom to earth. The training modules on the ESL Apostolic School are designed to empower you and activate the gifts of the Spirit in ways that release the glory of God and advance His Kingdom.




This is a 9 month training and equipping Apostolic School. Specific content that will be covered throughout the year reflects our focus on transformation through daily encounter, with a strong emphasis on application and experience of truth.

We are committed to a journey which will facilitate the following:

Encountering God’s presence
• experiencing God
• learn how to hear God’s voice
• lifestyle of worship

Personal transformation
• Sozo; saved, healed, delivered
• the Father heart of God
• the message of sonship
• the reward of honour

Living in two realms
• how to engage with heaven and influence earth
• understanding the realms of the supernatural
• the language of heaven
• the spirit of prophecy
• dream interpretation
• impartation and anointing

Ministry opportunities
• assignments
• prayer ministry team
• international mission trips

Sphere of influence
• the Matthew 10 mandate
• impacting your culture
• ministering in nations
• missions, crusades and mercy ministry

Your unique gifting
• your motivational gifts
• the gifts of the Holy Spirit
• character and gifting

Modules are covered during regular teaching sessions on Tuesday Evenings from 7.00pm - 9.30pm and Equipping Weekends (Friday Evenings from 7.30pm and all day Saturday) and Conferences at Revival Fires. Registration for individual modules is also available.



  • £50 application processing fee, sent with application (one off cost).
  • Tuesday Teaching Nights are priced at £10.
  • Equipping Weekends are priced at £20 per weekend, and Conference prices vary depending on the length of the event.
  • Book reviews and written assignments priced at £10 each.
  • ‘Pay-as-you-go’ available, but there is a discount for paying for the whole course up-front.
  • Fees do not include:

  • Accommodation, food and personal living expenses will need to be covered by each student. (A room with a church family may cost you approximately £300 a month in rent.)
  • Ministry trips and missions


    Upcoming Modules

    The Equipped for Supernatural Living Apostolic School has a new accessible and affordable teaching schedule with Teaching on Tuesday Nights and regular Equipping Weekends with a £50 application fee for non-students, which is valid for the whole year.

    Taster sessions on the ESL are also available; please contact James Haughton on, or call 01384 239 943 on Tuesdays.




    Please complete and return the Application Form with your application fee of £50. Application is also available for individual modules.

    We look forward to welcoming you on the ESL Apostolic School and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01384 239 943 or email us at




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